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Tender, smart and sophisticated women are the dream of many men, and Ukrainian brides are just like that. Beautiful looks and amazing character make them ideal wives, partners, and lovers. Click here to find out more about Ukrainian mail order brides and check out the top websites to match with them.

All You Need To Know

Eastern European ladies are known for their beauty all over the world. Mother nature gifted them with incredible looks and amazing temper. Throughout history these women have overcome lots of challenges, which made them strong and independent. Today they are wanted by so many single men because they are the ones who can bring pure joy and love in relationships.

Russian and Ukrainian brides are in the list of the top ideal wives for foreign husbands. Even though they differ a lot between each other, they still share common traits and values, such as loyalty, faithfulness, devotion and loving. They are decent friends and partners for the husbands and caring parents for the children. Besides, their curiosity to knowledge and self-development makes them also equal companions.

Are you already intrigued? Desire to know where to find such a wonderful lady? Mail order bride sites are one of the most effective ways to match with the exact person you need. Online dating is the ultimate solution for modern singles, and foreign girls are also eager to use its benefits. So here is what you should be aware of before dating Russian and Ukrainian brides.

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VictoriaHearts hosts thousands of amazing mail order brides from Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, and Latvia women. The service has earned a profound reputation due to its quick performance and accurate matching. The website includes all the preferences you have towards the mail order brides and offers the candidates who are suitable for you.

Throughout the years of its existence VictoriaHearts successfully matched millions of single hearts around the globe. People rely on the service because it has proved to be secure and friendly. No matter whether you are a new user or an experienced one, you will find all the needed features and have the best time on the venue.

The site’s name speaks for itself, as it truly matches singles who seek serious relationships. The website has a vast database of mail order brides from Europe who are open to exciting adventures with foreign husbands.

MatchTruly has a top security system as well as еру effective communication tools and precise matching. Besides, the design of the service will leave you pleased as it is easy to navigate and comfortable to use. The major advantage of the dating service is that it is friendly and open to anyone. Just complete the simple registration and start searching for your soulmate.

Have you been dreaming of marrying a Russian bride? Here is where your dream can come true within a few clicks. KissRussianBeauty aims to connect foreign husbands with Slavic brides with the use of modern communication tools. Thousands of active female members are online all the time on the network, so you have incredibly high chances of meeting the “one.”

What makes KissRussianBeauty stand out is its fair price for the useful tools it provides. Moreover, the website focuses exclusively on Slavic brides, so if they are the ones you seek, then the service will definitely please you.

Can you imagine a dating site, where there are over 1.5 million registered users? Check out the RussianCupid to make sure that it is true. RussianCupid is one of the most visited websites in the dating market. It has a wide range of mail order brides as well as thousands of active international visitors. So the chances that you are going to find your love here are pretty high.

RussianCupid is a trustworthy network with over 20 years of experience. It provides customers with high-quality service and makes sure that each member is satisfied with the experience he or she has.

CharmDate is one of the best dating services to meet Russian and Ukrainian women. Easy, convenient, adequate and effective – CharmDate has it all to be in the list of top-ranked dating services. Daily the website is visited by thousands of active members, who believe in love above all.

The tools that the site provides help users to build meaningful and lasting relationships with Slavic mail order brides. The constant customer support and top-security level fulfill everyone’s needs on the international dating site. Joining the CharmDate might be the best decision of your life, so don’t hesitate to check it out.

LoveSwans is one of the largest international dating websites, that hosts women of various cultural background, but mainly focuses on Slavic girls. The service gives you all the tools to express yourself and draw the attention of women to your personality. Fast performance and useful features help you to get the right person very quickly.

LoveSwans is all about building and maintaining serious relationships. The services contributed to thousands of happy marriages, and now it can become the right choice. Moreover, it is one of the most advanced sites, as it has an app, so you can be online wherever and whenever you want.

Why men choose European mail order brides?

European mail order brides differ, depending on the country they are coming from. For example, Southern girls are known for their hot temper, emotionality, and passion. The Eastern-European women are independent, intelligent and wise. Northern ladies might be considered modest and patient, while Western wives are well-mannered, respectful and smart.

It’s hard to generalize all European brides because they come from different background and often have separate opportunities. Yet still, there are some core traits, that at least Eastern-European mail order brides share.

They are beautiful

Looking stunning from nature is an outstanding feature of many Eastern-European girls. They don’t need makeup at all to shine, but still, they tend to have some. Besides, they are quite fashionable. A lot of women tend to follow the latest trends and create interesting clothing combinations in the wardrobe. Thus, unlike many other women worldwide, these European women make you fall in love at first sight.

They are intelligent

For European women, getting an education is a must. The majority of them enter universities and pursue careers after graduating. A lot of European mail order brides attend courses, classes, and other events to educate themselves constantly. So with a Russian or Ukrainian bride, you will definitely find a compelling companion to talk to.

They are family-oriented

The most vital point why foreign men seek European brides is that these ladies focus on family. Having children is a sense of being for lots of them. They become attentive mothers who aim to give their children all the best things in the world.

Besides, European mail order brides often have close relationships with their parents. Their mothers become good advisers who also can help in bringing up children instead of nannies. Moreover, it’s mothers who teach their daughters to cook, clean and take care of their husbands and the household. So among European brides parents play the role of wise friends, who teach the fundamentals of life-being.

They are loyal

At last, it’s important to state that European mail order brides are devoted and loyal. They put husbands above everyone else and go along with them through any challenges and troubles. By marrying a European woman, you can be sure that you are getting a true friend as well, as she will always share her opinion and do her best for both of you.

Why European mail order brides seek foreign husbands?

There are various reasons for European women to become mail order brides, and each of the cases might be unique. For some ladies, it is exciting to fall in love with a foreigner and change life upside down. For others, marrying a husband from abroad is an opportunity to start a better life. Here are the most widespread reasons.

Women are drawn to Western lifestyle

In lots of societies, even European ones, women are still mistreated and underrated. In some countries, including Russia and Ukraine, domestic violence is a big issue. Therefore women see honest and respectful husbands who will treat them equally in the West. They want to find an island of peace and love, where they can develop as personalities, and at the same time build relationships and family with a person who knows what love is about.

They are escaping financial difficulties

In some regions, the financial situation is far from ideal, and women know that they are unable to earn more than they do just because of the economic situation in the state. Thus, they seek foreign husbands with whom they can start a new and happier life.

They are eager for adventures

Meeting a charming foreign husband, chat with him online, meet for the first time, fall in love and get married – this is a romantic dream of many mail order brides. No one said that in modern times there are no fairy tales. Besides, you never know when you will find yours. Therefore, some women start the exciting online dating journey to accomplish their dream.

How to date a European mail order bride?

Matching with a European mail order bride is just the first step in your dating experience. Next thing that you should do is get a lady to like you and start dating you. To do it successfully there are a few things that you should know about European women.

Be respectful

Be polite and show good manners. The majority of mail order brides are traditional, and therefore they expect their men to show signs of affection: hold the door, help at the restaurant, pay the bills, etc. Soб to conquer a woman’s heart, you should be a true gentleman with pure intentions.

Say compliments

What woman would not like to hear compliments? Say how beautiful she is, what an amazing outfit she wears and how interesting it is to spend time with her. Be nice, gentle and honest, pay attention to your partner, listen to her and soon you will notice that she is completely into you.

Be caring

What does a mail order bride want? To find a husband and tie the knot. So what you should do is to show her that you have serious intentions and that you will be an amazing, caring husband. Ask her about her day, feelings and general facts about her life. And, in turn, share some personal stories, that will help you to get closer to each other.

Is mail order bride dating safe?

Absolutely! All the top mail order bride sites pay huge attention to their security and make sure that their customers have the best experience possible. While dating online on reliable networks, you can be sure that your private information remains safe. To find out what dating sites to use, check out our expert reviews on the top-ranked services.

Pros and cons of mail order bride dating


  • You match with a partner, who matches your requirements
  • You have time to get to know a person better
  • Chatting tools make relationships on distance easy and convenient
  • You get to meet the partner you were dreaming about


  • You can’t meet the person immediately
  • Travel arrangements for you or the bride take some time and money

What kind of men do mail order brides expect to meet?

Just like you, foreign brides also have some expectations and requirements towards the future husband. To increase your chances of meeting a beautiful European bride, it’s vital that you have the following traits:

  • Confident – make sure you have plans for your future that you are following.
  • Reliable – show your lady that you have stability in life and that you are capable of taking care of her and your family.
  • Honest – European women will know if you lie, and they will not ever respect you again. So be loyal and honest to conquer their hearts.
  • Serious – start online dating only when you are ready for serious relationships.
  • Kind and loving – women want to have a cozy home with a caring husband, who loves kids and his wife more than anything.

Mail order bride dating is fun and exciting, but it’s not for everyone. Make sure that you know how to get the woman of your dreams, and after you do – register and start your journey in the world of online dating.

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