The beauty - great power, and will rescue the world. Beauty - choice of personal taste. The perception of beauty is a question of subjective personal opinion. Men of different nationalities differently estimate beauty of the woman.

All European women is different. High blondes with blue eyes and long legs. Brunettes with beautiful face. Women with beautiful wavy hair and black eyes. Thin, harmonous and with magnificent forms. Good housewives, careful mothers and business women which know and be able to perform the work. To list can be infinite. Concept about beauty for everyone men are different, but in one their opinions are similar, what not only physical beauty have value, but not smaller value is have - charm and sincerity. Sometimes the usual woman has bigest success at men, than a beautiful woman with beautiful face and figure of photomodel. Men speak about such women: " She is charming ". The charming woman draws to itself people, easily and quickly gets dating and around of her always many men. However it is possible to tell with confidence, that men on miscellaneous understand, that such charm - their opinions in this strongly are different. Someone speak, that it is a smile and sociability of the woman, others says that it mysteriousness, third says that it - a voice, clothing, laugh. European women possess such attractive qualities as: self-assured and self-respect, skill to listen, skill to speak and support conversation.

European women differ on certain character traits, outlook depending on national traditions, moral foundations and a social status. The culture of people and modern education, have allowed them to absorb cultural wealth and to develop the better modern stereotypes of outlook that has affected their character, manners of behaviour and has allowed them to become extraordinary unique and such different. Appearance of the beautiful European woman in many respects is defined by features of the country in which she lives. But the main judges of female beauty - men - are sure, that in the woman of any nationality there is a feature. All this has allowed to combine the certain image of the woman of each nationality.

But at that, that beautiful European women are different because a way of life and culture in each country are different too. They are very similar among themselves and with other women of all world - they search the big love. Beautiful European woman wants, that near to her was man - gentle, careful and loving her.

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