Russian Mail Order Brides

Do you want to fall in love and start a family with a beautiful Russian bride? Your dream can easily come true if you know what it takes to date a Slavic woman as well as where to find one. We provide you with all the useful expert information about Russian mail order brides, their outlook and lifestyle habits. Discover why these women are the best to marry.

Russian women are tender, sweet and caring. Their sensitive attitude and devotion are what keeps relationships last throughout life. An honest partner, faithful friend and good wife – that’s who you are going to get if you settle down with a Russian bride.

Are you sure you can conquer the heart of a Russian woman? We gathered all the information you might need when dating a mail order bride from Russia below.

Why Marrying A Russian Is The Right Thing To Do

Russia is the largest country in the world by the area. It is a home for over 140 million people, but, moreover, it is a home country of one of the most beautiful women on Earth. Russian women always get in the top list of finalists on all the prestigious beauty pageants. But at the same time, they achieve high results in sports, science, filmmaking and literature.

Russian brides ideally combine gorgeous appearances with talent, knowledge and unique personalities. These girls know their self-worth, and therefore they won’t go out with anyone who offers. Consequently, it’s essential to know the cultural background of Russian women as well as what they expect to see in their husbands.

What is special about Russian women?

Russian women are special in every way. They are traditional to some extent, but still embrace modern trends, such as self-development and independence. They focus on family but often pursue a career as well. Generally speaking, they are capable of everything, and here are their main traits.

Russian brides are sophisticated

These ladies know how to take care of themselves. They wear trendy clothes, do their hair and nails and work out. The majority of them tend to stay fit, slim and healthy. Russian women know how to handle themselves in public and how to approach new people. They always look elegant and confident in any event, becoming great companions for the men.

Russian women are traditional

Russian brides want to be taken care of. They totally except men paying for them and presenting them gifts. They also expect their partners to take the traditional gender role in a couple.

Also, women pay huge attention to creating a family. Kids are a blessing for many of them, and lots of young women can’t wait to get married and have a baby. Russian women become caring and devoted wives and mothers.

Russian women are intelligent

They finish schools, enter the universities and start careers. Russian women tend to be smart, intelligent and wise. They can rule the family as well as run their own business. But at the same time they know when to compromise with men and let them take toll.

How to date Russian women

Russian women might appear picky, but, actually, they just know what they want for themselves in relationships. Therefore, be ready to adjust a little bit to conquer the heart of the person you like.

Be romantic

Being romantic includes having good manners and surprising your partner all the time. You can suddenly buy her flowers or give a book, invite to the restaurant or organize a picnic, arrange a getaway weekend, etc. Just remember to keep the fire in your relationships and always be the best for each other. Women appreciate when they see that men put effort into their actions.

Say compliments

Russian brides are beautiful from nature, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy hearing compliments. The most important thing that you should accomplish is to make your partner feel that she is wanted and that she is special. So don’t forget to notice all her good sides and actions.

Be reliable

For a Russian bride it’s vital to feel that her man is reliable and can take care of her and the family. It means that you should have a stable job and a plan for the nearest future. Russian women don’t want to waste their time with a foreign man who doesn’t have anything to offer and doesn’t know what he wants from life and love. Therefore, be ready to plan and ensure your girlfriend that you can make all her dreams come true.

What makes Russian women good wives?


If a Russian lady falls in love with you, she will be loyal, faithful and devoted as long as your relationships exist. These ladies tend to always be with the person they chose. So together with your partner, you can be even against the whole world, and she will always have your back.


Russian women are wise, yet honest, and that develop straightforwardness in their character. They are unlikely to hide their feelings or opinions. Moreover, if the problem occurs, they will tell you about it in precise detail to figure out how to solve it.

Besides, straightforwardness helps Russian women be honest with the partners they meet. If they don’t like you, they won’t waste their time and will tell you the truth. Marrying a person, who is honest and straightforward is the key to healthy and lasting relationships.

Empathetic and supportive

Russian wives always care about their family. They are empathetic and supportive, and so every trouble you have is their trouble as well. Therefore, be ready that your Russian girlfriend might get emotional sometimes or be under stress when you have problems because she takes things personally.

Thus, the Russian wife will always encourage you and motivate you to achieve your goals. So if you wish to find a partner, who will also be your best friend, there is no better choice than a Russian bride.

Why Russian women become mail order brides?

You might be wondering: if Russian women are so gorgeous, attractive and intelligent, why they seek foreign husbands instead of marrying the local ones? There can be several reasons for their choices, such as the following:

  • The lack of men – women often outnumber men in various regions of the country, so they have no other choice than to look for a foreign husband abroad.
  • Local men are not attractive – a lot of Russian men tend to work long shifts and drink afterwards. Drinking is a huge social issue in the state, so it’s no wonder that women prefer more reliable and stable foreign men instead.
  • Russian girls are familiar with Western culture – it’s not hard for Russian brides to adjust to the Western lifestyle, so it’s exciting for them to marry a foreign husband.
  • Russian wives seek stability and higher standards – for lots of women in Russia the only way to have a happier and more satisfying life is to move abroad, and therefore they seek foreign husbands.
  • Everyone needs love – whatever the reason is, it always comes to one conclusion, that everyone seeks love, which can be found anywhere in the world.

Is it safe to date Russian brides online?

Russian mail order bride dating is entirely safe. We review all the websites and provide you with detailed information about its pros and cons. Moreover, we pay huge attention to the security policy that services have. So we make sure that your private information won’t be given to the third parties and that all the transactions you run are safe.

However, you should also always follow the tips of safe dating. Thus, don’t share the contact information with strangers and don’t help financially anyone, whom you met online. If you have any issues, it’s better to contact customer support first.

Russian women are elegant, beautiful and sophisticated. Nature gifted them with incredible looks and valuable traits, so today Russian brides are the dream of many men around the globe. Marrying a Russian woman will definitely bring a lot of positive changes in your life, as you will learn lots of things from her, and she – from you.

So what are you waiting for? Your soulmate can be texting you at this exact moment. So find the right dating service and give it a try.