German woman - good housewife and wife and she has strong family.

Girls in Germany schools, studies better than young men, and successfully finish high schools. Possessing excellent education, they start promising career and suddenly sharply finish them at 30 years. Why so occurs? Because the true applicability of German women is a house, family, children and the husband. At house she has ideal cleanliness - on a floor not mote, all things lay on the places. To her inherent such qualities, as accuracy, cleanliness and care. They are pedantic - before to buy the goods, German women will try to learn about it as much as possible: what is structure, who the manufacturer and another. The practicality, calculation, diligence, severity, discipline, economy, validity, honesty and accuracy concern to business qualities. German women - business women who never are not late anywhere.

German women are very beautiful! Many of you will tell, that in Germany there are no beautiful women, and you will be not right. In each nation there are fine people. How looks beautiful German woman? Main, this face - fine and correct form, ideal nose, beautiful blue eyes. Magnificent golden hair, a beautiful neck, a snow-white skin and fine growth. German women pay the big attention to the health. Especially carefully they watch the hair - do chemical waves, paint them and look after hair. They consider - hair always should be beautiful and brilliant. Also they support beauty - sports and massage.

For validity it is necessary to tell, what not all beautiful German women act so with their beauty. The unisex fashion was born in America. In Russia or France it practically has not got accustomed, and in Germany has got accustomed thoroughly. Here you can meet woman with the fine face, but - short-haired is bald, with body-piercing on lips, tongue, eyebrowes, etc. Army boots or gym shoes, jeans or trousers of uncertain color and the forms dragged by the ground, the faded vest or a dimensionless sweater supplement this image.

If, going along the street, you will meet high blonde with blue eyes and beautiful face, know, you have met the beautiful German woman!

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